Paul Boyle

CEO - Retail Insight

Paul Boyle, CEO, Retail Insight

Retail Insight has been an active participant and research sponsor of the ECR Shrink & Availability Group for many years.  We recognise the value and importance of total loss to retailers - including lost sales, waste, and shrink - and have developed innovative products which help to reduce losses quickly.  

The importance of data has had growing recognition over the past decade.  But in and of itself, data does not deliver value.  It’s how retailers use data that matters most today.  We work with retailers across the globe, who are adopting industry-leading data science models and tools which is delivering them a competitive edge. 

Being part of the ECR Group helps RI to remain informed of emergent retail challenges and innovations.  Our sponsorship of ECR research also facilitates more in-depth investigation on topics that are or will become relevant to the industry.  We use this information as part of our product development plans for existing and new products.  Our ambition is to continue to provide industry-leading solutions that address critical operational needs. 

CEO - Retail Insight