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Enabling the Retail Sector to Sell More and Lose Less

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About the ECR Retail Loss

Working on behalf of the Retail Sector, the ECR Retail Loss is focussed upon developing imaginative thinking, new approaches and genuine innovation in the management of retail losses. With membership open to any retailer or product manufacturer, and promoting a collaborative approach, the Group ensures that the results of its extensive and wide-ranging work is made freely available to the industry.

Retail Loss Research Papers

The group’s research priorities are determined by its members – they drive the agenda to ensure that it is designed to meet the needs of the retail sector. Focussed on delivering rigorous and robust research, ECR Retail Loss focuses on the development of new insights, tools and techniques to enable the retail industry to sustainably sell more and lose less. All retailers, CPGs and academics can participate in the group’s activities at no cost.