RFID In Grocery - Latest Insights

Date and Time:

April 24th - 3pm UK



24 Apr 3:00 PM


Colin Peacock, ECR Retail Loss


RFID In Grocery - Latest Insights

In Grocery, especially with fresh perishable products, RFID has the potential to unlock significant value to the consumer, the retailer and producers. For example, in retail, the ability to scan shelves of fresh products and identify much faster those items close to or at their expiry date not only improves accuracy but it also transforms productivity and ensures that the shopper is never presented with, or sold an item past its expiry date.

For these reasons and more, multiple retailers are now testing the use of RFID in grocery, testing first for the accuracy of the read, and then secondly, to understand the complete short and longer term "value add" that can be unlocked by RFID and then quantified for the the business case.

This meeting will start with a number of the retailers in the group sharing their RFID learning to date in the fresh categories, followed by a discussion on the enablers and barriers to adoption, and the link to 2d / GS1 Digital Link

This meeting is for retailers, producers and academics only