Innovation in Product Protection - Retailer Updates

Date and Time:

September 28th - 1pm UK Time



28 Sep 1:00 PM


Colin Peacock


Innovation in Product Protection - Retailer Updates

In September 2022, we heard from retailers including Tesco, Kroger, Sainsburys and CVS, on the innovations they were delivering to protect product in a way that allows for self selection, said another way, in a way that does not kill sales, yet at the same time, protects the product from theft.

In this meeting, we will hear updates from these retailers and others, on the latest learning on benefit denial on power tools, smart digital lock cabinets in the spirits and health & beauty categories, new forms of EAS tags, spiders and hard tags [for self checkout] and smart shelves / video analytics to detect theft in the aisle.    
This meeting is for retailers, CPG's and academics only